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Александр Кобуз, 02/13/2016 04:11 AM

SkyCover Duply (scduply)

scduply - the user friendly shell-frontend for Duplicity

Duplicity is the command-line program for filesystem backup with many nice features.

 + Can produce GPG-encrypted backups and to place them on almost any remote storage via ftp, sftp, scp, rsync, and also on Amazon S3 and other cloud storages.
 + Can do full and incremental backups. The incremental backups are done by per-block basis as the rsync do, so if your logs will grow by several megabytes per day, only this megabytes will be included in the incremental backup.
 + Can decide when to do the new full backup and can maintain the backup archive by simple commands.

"Duplicity": is the effective and flexible solution for dedicated server’s backup.

SkyCover Duply (scduply)

The tool for managing dedicated server backups via the configuration files and simple commands.

Permits to define the new backup job in few seconds.
User friendly, clear syntax of config files.
Able to execute and check pre- and post-job scripts.
Gives useful commands for backup and restore.
Saves the backup logs, create and mail HTML reports.
The example of mailed HTML report. It cames with all the raw logs attached.

scdw-list1.png (24.5 KB) Dmitry Chernyak, 07/07/2016 12:14 PM

scduply-report.png (40.3 KB) Dmitry Chernyak, 07/07/2016 12:20 PM