SkyCover Duply Web (SCDW)

SCDW - the web interface for duplicity

SkyCover Duply Web (SCDW) is the web frontend for the scduply and Duplicity.

It allows to configure the backup jobs and to select the filepaths via graphical navigation over the filesystem.

SCDW is working under OS Linux, M$ Windows/CygWin and other systems which are able to execute Duplicity.

The major properties of SCDW:

 + Defining and tuning the jobs via the web interface.
 + Web-editing of the global and local configuration files
 + The selection of the source, inclusion and exclusion paths via web filesystem browser.
 + Navigation over the backup reports.
 + Use of scduply as the backend, so the job managing will be easy both via the web and the command line.
 + Works under OS Linux, M$ Windows/CygWin and other OSes.
 + Able to be executed by it’s own daemon or via apache-ssl (for the access from the network).

The guidelines in english are not ready yet. The russian-speaking people can get more information at

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