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h1. Creating Windows Instances WINDOWS-INSTALL

h2. System install

h3. Copy installer ISO /stuff/cdimages

hЗ. Add new instance

gnt-instance add -t drbd --disk=0:size=20g --net=0:link=xen-lan -H xen-hvm:cdrom_image_path=/stuff/cdimages/ru_win_srv_2008_r2_sp2.iso,boot_order=cd,disk_type=ioemu,use_localtime=true -o windows+default -B memory=8g --no-ip-check --no-name-check -n gnt1:gnt2 w2k8

h3. Connect to instance vnc console and install the system

You should use vncviewer to connect vnc console(e.g. from xtightvncviewer package).
address and port:
# gnt-instance info INSTANCE|grep vnc

On windows we recommend to use ultravnc:

h3. GPLPV Driver install

After install you should add this drivers in system:
There is no additional actions after install.
You must reboot twice and check that disks in device manager your disk drives have disk type consist *XEN* word.

After install you may detach distribution iso:
# gnt-instance modify -H boot_order=c cdrom_image_path='' INSTANCE

h3. Disable TaskOffload and TX Offloas

Without it there will be lags in rdp and in other tasks.

1. Load the Windows Registry editor - regedit.
2. Add a new DWORD key named DisableTaskOffload with a value of 1 to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SYSTEM\CurrentControlSet\Services\Tcpip\Parameters
3. Restart server.

TX Offload May be disabled in NIC settings.

h2. Set Time

* Set "use_localtime=true" in the hypervisor parameters (as in the "instance add" example)
* Set timezone in Windows
* Set proper local time in Windows (via standard clock tool)
this will set the time shift which will be saved upon shutdown
* Reboot to verify that time shift is saved and taken in effect

h2. Notes

RDP-6 in 32bpp generate less traffic than 24bpp and sometimes not more than 16bpp.

Default bpp policy setup:

Performance Tuning Guidelines for Windows Server 2008 R2